My College Experience


The college experience does not look the same for everyone. I have had a long-twisted path on my journey to achieving my Master of Social Work degree and that’s okay. Before taking a 10-year break, I struggled to keep my grades up, and I wasn't sure if I would ever return to school. But I did. I am so grateful that I bet on myself for a change and put my mind to accomplishing the goals that I had thought were out of reach.

Transferring to CSULB during the pandemic made it difficult to navigate college life. With the support of McNair, EOP, Guardian Scholars, and other student organizations I was able to find a community. Finding a community has been an important part of my educational journey. I learned about scholarships, internship opportunities, and fellowships that aren’t always publicized by the school, but from other students who benefited from these programs.

Maybe because I am a social work student, I understand that peer support and encouragement are so important. Studying, preparing for exams, and meeting deadlines together has really helped me to achieve my academic goals and has provided a support network to help with other challenges. CSULB is a big campus with a small-town feel. I can only hope that when you transfer, you also can find your community.