CSULB Experiences


Advice: The first piece of advice I have for first-year students is to attend your professor’s office hours. It not only helps you with course material, but it also provides you with the opportunity to network with your professors and learn about career opportunities. It also helped me improve my grades, become involved in research and connect with internship opportunities. The second piece of advice I have is to make use of campus resources. CSULB has many resources that not every student uses, such as Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Beach Pantry. I highly encourage you to use them. Lastly, many first-time, first-year students are adjusting to the college experience as they navigate CSULB, so give yourself some grace and keep your head held high. You got this!

Goals: Once I graduate from CSULB with my MS in Criminology and Criminal Justice, my goal is to pursue a PHD and become a professor to inspire students and conduct pivotal research. I obtained my bachelor's degree in criminology with a minor in sociology. During my undergrad, I became involved in researching sexual violence, which inspired me to continue my education and make a difference in this field. I came to CSULB to pursue my MS and continue with my research in policing and juvenile justice. I look forward to presenting my research at the American Society of Criminology (ASC) and Western Society of Criminology (WSC) conferences this year. I am excited to continue my educational journey and inspire others.

Working on Campus: I work on campus as a student advisor with EAP (Early Academic Preparation) and transfer students in the Office of Outreach & School Relations. In this position, I assist with 5th grade promise tours, help disseminate college preparation information to high school and middle school students and assist with transfer fairs and workshops. This job is great because it allows me to do what I love: working with and inspiring students. This position has provided me with a new network of professionals so I can learn new skills that will help me in my future pursuits. The benefits of having a job on campus is the convenience and flexibility that the job provides. Also, earning a regular income helps me with my student expenses such as rent, groceries and gas.