Benefits of Working on Campus


Haseeb Khan has been assisting prospective students for most of his time as a college student. He understands the importance of higher education and shares his knowledge with students on how to continue their educational journey.

He gained experience through federal work-study at El Camino College as a student ambassador. During his time there, he supported both first-time, first-year and continuing students on financial aid, the enrollment process and other educational outreach services.

One of the many benefits of working on campus is having a flexible schedule. Student workers are capped at 20 hours per week, allowing more time to focus on their studies.

“Full-time students who work outside of school may understand what it’s like to be overworked,” said Haseeb. “That is not the case as a student worker as everyone supports being a student first. The office helps you carve out time needed for your schedule to be successful in your classes. The aim isn’t to keep you forever. The aim is to assist you on the next step in your career.”

Haseeb also gained expertise in keeping the attention of students on the discussion of college, further developing his skill in public speaking. “I get them involved in the conversation by catering to their interest like art,” said Haseeb. "I let the students know that they can go to college and learn about art, and I see their faces light up with excitement. Just letting them know that they can have a career in art is a wonderful feeling on its own.”

Haseeb currently works at CSULB as an early academic preparation advisor, promoting higher education for students in elementary and middle school. He is majoring in International Business and will be graduating in Spring 2024.