12th Grade

Academic Preparation

  • Take A-G college preparatory classes and elective courses that meet the CSU's admission standards.
  • Check English and Math readiness based on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Tests.
  • Earn "A"s and "B"s in all of your classes.
  • ACT and/or SAT and SAT Subject Tests will not be used for CSULB admission requirements. For updates, please view more information from Enrollment Services at First-Time, First-Year Student CSULB Index.
  • Inquire about scholarships at your career center and apply for them.
  • Focus on English and mathematics preparation to ensure college readiness.

College Exploration

  • Submit your CSULB admission application using calstate.edu/apply and apply to other universities by their deadlines.
  • Consider applying to the CSU Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and follow deadlines.
  • Request recommendations from teachers and counselors for college and scholarship applications.
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the deadline.
  • If you plan to transfer to CSULB from a community college, visit transfer admission eligibility for more information.
  • Ask local colleges about university programs that high school students can take.
  • Visit CSULB and other college campuses.
  • Inquire about scholarships at your career center and apply for them.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Sign up for clubs, organizations and/or sports.
  • Consider volunteering.