Advocacy and Support

You are not alone! There are a few ways you can connect with the community of pregnant and parenting students at CSULB.

BEACH Parent

Therapy space at CAPS. Connect with other pregnant and parenting students to share experiences and explore topics such as: self-care, balance, parenting, healthy relationships, identity, and campus resources. If interested, please reach out to CAPS.

Link: Group Counseling at CAPS | California State University Long Beach (

Location: Brotman Hall, Room 226

Contact: (562) 985-4001.


Eligibility: Group members need to be referred by CAPS clinician.

ASI Commissioner on Pregnant and Parenting Students

ASI commissioner helps raise awareness about pregnant and parenting students' issues and serves as a member of the President’s Cabinet advising on matters related to student parents on campus.

Link: ASI Student Government website

Contact: (562) 985-5241


Dean of Students

The Dean of students advocates for students and supports them to ensure academic success as well as their personal, intellectual and social development.

Link: Dean of Students website

Location: University Student Union, Room 219 (USU-219)

Contact: (562) 985-8670