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Personal Belief Exemptions

  • Personal belief exemptions will not be accepted.

Religious Exemptions

  • All Students:
    At this time, religious exemptions will only be considered for the COVID-19 vaccine. Please follow the instructions in the Vaccine Certification Chiclet. 

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Medical Exemptions

  • Medical exemption requests must be completed by a board certified, licensed physician (MD, DO), Physician Assistant (PA), or Nurse Practitioner (NP) using the approved Medical Exemption Request form.
  • Only the approved Medical Exemption Request Form will be accepted. 
  • Print this Medical Exemption Request Form - PDF and bring it to your provider to complete. Only this approved Medical Exemption Request form will be accepted.
  • For COVID-19 and COVID-19 booster exemptions, please attest to your medical exemption via the COVID-19 Student Vaccine Certification form.

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