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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the EOP forms?

The forms can be found at Go to Apply Online, then scroll down the page to Educational Opportunity Program and click the link.

Can I check if my on line recommendation forms have been sent to your office?

Yes. You can log on to your account on and check the status on the Application Manager screen.

Are community college EOP&S students automatically admitted to EOP?

No. EOP&S students need to follow the same admission process as the other applicants.

Can students who have already enrolled at CSULB apply for EOP?

No. You must apply during your admission process to the university.

Does CSULB EOP admit students who do not meet the minimum CSU admission requirements?

No. All of our admits must be CSU eligible.

Do I need to reapply for EOP every semester?

No. Once you are admitted to the program and enrolled, you will maintain your eligibility until you graduate.

Do all EOP students receive the EOP grant?

No. The EOP grant is a part of the financial aid award and the Financial Aid office determines who receives the award.