EOP Student Organization (ESO)


We, the EOP Student Organization (ESO) represent low-income, first-generation students who are the first in our family to attend university. We want to promote a space to socialize, network, and build initiative, leadership skills, and academic achievements to help ourselves as First-Gen Students even further to attain our degrees and succeed in our futures. 

ESO Cabinet Members

  • President: Alvin Engo
  • Vice President: Leo Rodriguez
  • Treasurer: Rudy Hernandez
  • Logistics Officer: Alejandro Gonzalez Castorena
  • Cabinet Member: Elyana Romero
  • Cabinet Member: Joshua Vargas Barcenas
  • Cabinet Member: May Trafford
  • Cabinet Member: Ari Tippett
  • Cabinet Member: Xiomara Barillas Polanco
  • Cabinet Member: Andres Morales

Staff Advisor: Kim Serpas


ESO Event Picture 2

ESO Contact

Email: eso.csulb@gmail.com

Instagram: csulb.eso