When to Contact

Behaviors & Challenges

The CARES Team assists students who are experiencing distress or are at-risk of experiencing distress. If you are made aware of a student challenge that leaves you feeling concerned, worried, and/or alarmed, you are encouraged to make a referral to CSULB’s CARES Team.

The CARES Team assists students and may provide suggestions to a referring party about how to also assist the student directly. Together, we are a community of care to support LBSU students’ successes.

Common student challenges that have been referred to the CARES Team for support and resources include:

  • Students who exhibit significant change in behavior or appearance
  • Students who feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or stressed
  • Students who experience health, medical, or psychiatric concerns/emergencies
  • Students experiencing academic difficulties, including excessive absences
  • Students who may feel lonely, isolated, or disconnected
  • Students experiencing relationship challenges, family difficulties, or loss of a loved one
  • Students experiencing catastrophic events or losses
  • Students with substance use/abuse concerns
  • Students who communicate threats of harm to themselves or others
  • Students who engage in disruptive behavior
  • Students who may benefit from personalized outreach, support, and resources

This list is not exhaustive. We encourage you to contact the CARES Team at 562.985.4771 or CARES@csulb.edu with questions or to consult. If this is an emergency, please contact University Police at 562-985-4101

Additional information for faculty and staff seeking to support students who may be experiencing distress can also be found on CSULB’s Counseling & Psychological Services website.