Employment Opportunities

Application materials are accepted only for current vacancies and must be received in the Research Foundation Human Resources Office by 3:00 p.m. of the recruitment closing date. If the filing deadline indicates “Open Until Filled,” applicants are encouraged to submit the required information as soon as possible in order to be considered for the position. The hiring committee will review applications, interview qualified candidates and close the position anytime on or after two (2) weeks from the posting date listed. Removal of a position from the website is indication that the position has been filled.

A separate application is required for each job announcement number. Applications without job announcement numbers will not be accepted for posted vacancies. Some positions may require supplemental information. Resumes with cover letters identifying the position numbers will be considered; however, an application must be completed prior to an offer of employment.

It is to the applicant's advantage to have a completed application on file prior to an interview. All certificates and supplemental materials required must be on file before the closing date of the position.

All applications are gathered by the Human Resources Department and then referred to the hiring committee. The stated skills and knowledge are used as general guidelines in determining the relevancy of experience when considering individual applications. The hiring department will contact the applicants best suited for the position to schedule interviews. Once the position is removed from our website, the position has been filled. All offers of employment and starting dates are subject to availability of funding. All employment through the CSULB Research Foundation is considered at-will employment. Grant funded positions are restricted to conditions set forth within the grant. Ongoing employment is contingent upon continual renewal of grant monies and the availability of funds.

The announcements for certain positions indicate whether or not supplemental application materials are required. These additional materials assist us in identifying the applicant best qualified for the position. If the position you are interested in indicates that supplemental materials are required, please be sure to include them. Failure to include them will disqualify you from being considered.

Post offer background check requirement/live scan clearance

Certain positions require a post offer live scan and/or background check (including a reference and criminal records check) to be completed and the individual cleared before they can start work with the CSULB Research Foundation. No information will be required prior to the offer of employment. Once an offer of employment is made, failure to complete the background check/live scan and receive clearance may affect the application status of a new hire individual and/or the continued employment of a current CSULB Research Foundation employee who has applied for a new position. Individuals working with minor children and/or the elderly will be required to renew their live scan fingerprinting and be cleared every twelve (12) months. Information obtained through the background check does not automatically disqualify an individual from employment.