Employee Benefit Summary

The Research Foundation is proud to offer eligible employees with an array of robust benefits. Where possible, we attempt to offer benefits to our employees that are comparable to those offered to CSULB employees. Described below is a summary of employee benefits provided to eligible Full-Time Regular (FTR) and Part-Time Regular (PTR) status employees. Benefits become effective the first of the month following the completion of 30 days of employment in a FTR or PTR status position.

FTR employees, with a time-base of at least thirty (30) hours per week, are eligible for full Research Foundation benefits. PTR employees working twenty (20) to twenty-nine (29) hours per week are eligible to receive pro-rated holiday, vacation and OPA hours, and will be eligible for retirement contributions following two (2) years consecutive employment in a benefit eligible position. Employees working less than twenty (20) hours per week are not eligible for any benefits (other than those required by the State of CA or the Federal government). If, at any time, an employee and/or their enrolled dependent(s) become ineligible for benefits, they may retain benefits through COBRA. Benefits are discussed in detail with eligible employees during orientation.