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Direct Deposit Login Instructions

Empeon Hub (Online Paystub)

Your decision to go on direct deposit means you will no longer receive paper check stubs. You will need go online and set up a username and password which will allow you to view and / or print your paystubs anytime you choose. Please follow the instructions provided below:


  • Research Foundation Payroll will notify you via email to register.
  • You will soon receive an email from inviting you to register. Click the “Register Account” link in the email.
  • The “Register Account” link will take you to a secure web portal. You will first be required to verify your identity by keying in your social security number. You will then be instructed to create your unique username and password.
  • Once you are notified that your registration is successful, click the “Go To Sign In” link. You will be redirected to Empeon Hub Portal to sign in and view your paystubs. You can visit this website at any time to review your pay information.

Login Instructions

  • Launch your browser (Please Note: Internet Explorer is not supported for Empeon Hub. Recommended internet browsers are Chrome or Firefox).
  • Navigate to the Empeon Hub Portal portal.
  • Enter your credentials when prompted.


  • The first screen after login will show the pay info from your latest check date. Click the “View Paystub” link to see an online PDF of the paystub. You also have the option to “Download Paystub” to your PC or device.
  • To see pay stubs from previous pay periods, click the “History” option on top of the screen. Pay records are organized by month and year. Click Expand Icon to view and download any stub.


  • In order to view or download paystubs, popups on your browser will need to be unblocked Paystubs will be available to view for 36 months
  • If you forget your Username or Password, you can reset your Password or verify your username by clicking the associated links in the Sign-in page.