Black Excellence Collegium (BEC)

The Black Excellence Collegium (BEC) was formed in Fall 2023 through the dedicated efforts of CSULB's Black Faculty and Staff Association and the Office of the Provost.  Inspired by a collaborative group of Latinx colleagues, El Concilio for Latinx Success, and their work on CSULB's Seal of Excelencia application, the BEC was established and endorsed by the Office of the President.

We exist to promote and advance Black excellence at The Beach.

Who Are We
A collaborative and consultative group of faculty and staff who are dedicated to promoting Black excellence and advancing Black Student Success at CSULB. We welcome CSULB faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners to join our efforts.

Black Excellence Collegium Logo with three semi circles in red, green, and yellow

Definition of Black Excellence Through the CSULB Lens: Three Perspectives 


Black Excellence is community. A thriving community that uplifts and empowers its members, as they relentlessly pursue self-identity, with the understanding that one belongs and has a unique contribution to make on campus, in their careers, or in the world. At its core Black Excellence is an unwavering belief in self-worth, insistence on equitable treatment, and rejection of any narrative that diminishes our value. Black Excellence is the embodiment of resilience through trauma, confrontation of adversity, and perseverance through struggles while consistently pushing the boundaries of progress to achieve our goals.1  

Transcending excellence to achieve the brilliance of Black Greatness. In my opinion, I understand Black excellence to mean exceeding preassigned societal expectations for Black students, so that our students can enter careers of their choice, enabling them to realize their own "life success" 2. The implication of this would mean that our students will be able to overcome institutional barriers (with confidence) through their mere excellence, as their skills and academic talent will be too excellent to ignore.

Intentional institutional commitment. A grounded and active commitment to Black Excellence requires three overarching assets:

  1. Administrative policies generated from the Chancellor’s Office and each campus that clearly places this as a priority commitment, interest, and calls on every campus to collaborate in achieving the goals set;
  2. Resources, i.e., funds, materials, and experts, with Black Studies faculty and staff at the core of this inclusive body of experts; and
  3. Programmatic initiatives that focus on the success of Black students but includes programs that relate them and Black faculty and staff to other students, faculty, and staff on campus.3


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