Uncovering 8 of CSULB’s hidden gems

Published April 11, 2022

Boasting of more than 300 acres, Cal State Long Beach’s campus is more than three times larger than Disneyland. (Yes, really!) And, like Disneyland, there are quite a few hidden on-campus gems that many students, staff and faculty may not be aware of.

Below are just eight of The Beach’s not-so-secret best-kept-secrets.

Japanese Garden

japanese garden
The  Japanes Garden is a living museum and a place where students and the community can experience learning, art and culture. 

Did you know that CSULB has an oasis on the outer edge of campus? The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, which is located on Earl Warren Drive near Student Housing, has been a botanical escape on campus since 1981. You can even feed the koi fish. 

Make an appointment to visit by going to the garden’s online portal.

Graduate Study Space

graduate study space
Students enjoy a quiet space on the second floor of the University Library that includes displays and wall art that captures the unique languages and diverse cultures at CSULB. 

Graduate students, rejoice! There’s a specific study space on the second floor of the CSULB University Library just for you. Not only is it a great place to study, but grad students also have access to individualized advising appointments, graduate writing support and other student success services. 

Lee Brown Reading Room

Lee Brown room
The Lee Brown Reading Room is named after  Dr. Lee Brown, who taught journalism at The Beach after a long career in newspapers.

Located upstairs in LA4-206, this is a great place for Journalism & PR students to take a break, mingle, relax and study.

Great Views

University Library
Views, such as this one from the fifth floor of the University Library, can make studying a bit more enjoyable.

With so many tall buildings, there are lots of opportunities to catch a stunning view of campus. Some favorite views come from the fifth floor of the University Library and top floor of Macintosh Humanities Building. 

The Gap

Students squeeze through the gap
Although it can be difficult to navigate, some students see passing though 'The Gap' a tradition that needs to be experienced.

Not so much of a secret as it is an unwritten rite of passage, “The Gap” near the Go Beach sign is a “not-so-short" shortcut that members of the campus community slip through on their way to and from the USU.

Art Gallery in the USU

Student looks at artwork in USU Art Gallery
The USU Board of Trustees created the Art Gallery as another way to showcase talented students in CSULB’s art programs.

Most of the campus community knows that fine arts student galleries are located near the Theatre Arts building. There’s also an art gallery in the University Student Union.

Located on the first floor, the gallery features artwork from both students and alumni.

All-Gender Restrooms, Free Tampons and Changing Stations

All Gender bathroom sign on rainbow background
All-gender bathrooms are just one of many necessary conveniences that can be found on campus -- if you look.

It’s the little, but oh-so-necessary things that count, isn’t it? Offering free tampons in the USU restrooms is just one way CSULB looks out for its students, staff and faculty.

The university also has all-gender restrooms throughout campus - locations can be found on CSULB’s interactive smart map. 

Additionally, campus has baby-changing stations and lactation stations for student, staff and faculty parents. Locations can also be found on our smart map.

Lunch Bench

Located in between the College of Business and Horn Center is a little seating area that features a nice bench for taking a lunch break in between classes and workloads.