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We are currently finalizing the permit refund policy for Spring Semester 2020 due to the alternative instruction policy in response to COVID-19. A communication will be sent soon to all students via their campus email accounts detailing refund instructions. We appreciate your patience as we continue to monitor and respond to this rapidly-evolving situation.

Student Forms

Application for Refund (DocuSign) [Instructions (PDF)]

Request for refund of tuition and mandatory fees.

Application for Parking Refund (DocuSign) [Instructions (PDF)]

Request a refund for a parking permit purchase or citation payment.

Loan Cancellation Request (PDF)

Request a loan disbursement to be cancelled or reduced. Requests must be submitted within 14 days from the date of disbursement, and any loan funds received must be submitted along with the form.

Special Circumstances Refund Request (DocuSign) [Instructions (PDF)]

Request a refund of tuition and mandatory fees due to extenuating circumstances. Please visit the instructions page for details.

Request for Student's Taxpayer Identification Number (Substitute Form W-9S) (DocuSign) [Instructions (PDF)]

To provide a taxpayer identification number to file Form 1098-T.

Staff Forms (via Single Sign-on)

Deposit Transmittal

For in-person departmental deposits of cash, check, wire, or credit card transactions.

Petty Cash Disbursement Voucher

To request reimbursement for cash expenditures of $100 or less.

Change Fund Authorization Request (PDF)

To establish a new, update or terminate an existing change fund authorization.

Petty Cash Fund Replenishment Voucher

For use by the Petty Cash custodian only to replenish their Petty Cash Fund.

Cash Handling Agreement (PDF)

For establishing an authorized cash handling site.

Request for Item Type (DocuSign)

For authorized personnel to request a new item type in PeopleSoft.