Student Travel Accident Insurance

Student Travel Accident Insurance provides excess medical expense benefits to all California State University (CSU) enrolled students, including students enrolled only in extended education programs of the CSU while they are traveling to or from or participating in a university-sponsored activity away from campus.

This insurance is intended to supplement, not replace, coverage under any other health care plan. As excess insurance, this policy pays after any other health care plan, regardless of any coordination of benefits provisions in the other plans. This is an accident only policy and will not pay benefits for loss caused by or resulting from illness of any form or disease. No benefits will be paid for a loss resulting from the cost of medical service or treatment given by persons employed or retained by the CSU. The total maximum benefit amount per covered person, per covered accident is $35,000.

A university-sponsored activity is defined, for the purpose of this insurance coverage, as a mandatory part of a course requirement; or is sponsored by a university auxiliary organization or other recognized student organization or club; and includes travel to or from intercollegiate athletic events away from campus, but does not include participation in such events or practices. Overnight university-sponsored activities with duration of more than 14 days and related travel are not covered.