Administrative Guidelines

University faculty, staff, employees and students are required to purchase Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP) insurance through the Office of the Campus Risk Manager via the California State Risk Management Authority (CSURMA) prior to departure for international destinations on University related business, university related courses, or travel study abroad. CO Memo. RM 2011-03, Foreign Travel Insurance Program—Requirements to Purchase and EO 1041, CSU-Student Travel.

The following represent the California State University’s (CSU) guidelines (PDF) regarding the use of vehicles on University or State business

CSULB has a wide range of activities including camps, clinics, tours, workshops, recitals, tournaments, conferences and competitions all of which have persons below the age of 18 as the majority of participants or attendees. It is understood that the standard of care and supervision for a youth/minor population is not the same as the level for individuals of age of majority. As such, designated CSULB representatives should provide an appropriate standard of care and supervision for these youth activities.

The intent of this Guideline is to continue promoting the University to potential attendees by holding and/or permitting on-campus youth activities (or those held for youth participants as part of University business off campus) while assuring that those activities are conducted in a structured and safe environment.