Student Professional Liability Insurance

The Student Professional Liability Insurance Program (SPLIP) is designed to protect students from claims arising out of actual or alleged incidents when the loss results from the practice of the student’s profession during an internship program. SPLIP provides Professional Liability and General Liability for students enrolled in a Health Profession practicum, Social Welfare program, Social Work program, or Education Credential program when required by a host institution for participation in the internship program.

To be eligible for coverage, a student must be enrolled in a course, in good standing, while completing an internship and registered/enrolled in a course that requires the internship experience; including academic breaks during the policy period. A written affiliation agreement between the host institution and the University must also be in place that requires the student to carry Professional Liability and/or General Liability insurance coverage. For more information on affiliation agreements, contact Contract Services or visit the Contract Services webpage. Students enrolled in a course for which student Professional liability and/or General Liability coverage is required are protected from claims made at any time provided they were covered at the time the actual or alleged incident occurred.

For additional information on student professional liability insurance coverage and limits, please contact the Risk Management Office.