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Jose Miguel Palacios

José Miguel Palacios, Assistant Professor in the Department of Film & Electronic Arts at CSU Long Beach, works in the areas of film history and transnational cinemas. His teaching and research interests cover Latin American cinema, film and media theory, radical film cultures, documentary, film archives, and the relations between cinema and migration.

His work has appeared in academic journals such as Screen, Jump Cut, In Transition, and Archivos de la Filmoteca, as well as in numerous edited collections published in the United States, Chile, and Argentina. One of his most recent projects is “Estados de emergencia: documental y protesta en América Latina,” a special issue on documentary and protests co-edited with Elizabeth Ramírez-Soto for the journal Cine Documental.

Prior to joining CSU Long Beach, he was a postdoctoral fellow in the Art Department at Universidad Alberto Hurtado in Santiago, Chile, and taught a wide range of film and media courses at New York University, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad de Chile, and Universidad Uniacc.


Ph.D. Department of Cinema Studies, New York University, 2017

M.A. Film Studies Program, Columbia University, 2011

B.A. Film & TV, Universidad Uniacc (Santiago, Chile), 2006


José Miguel Palacios has received grants from Humanities New York (2014-2015, Public Humanities Fellowship) and from Chile’s National Research Council CONICYT (2018-2020, Fondecyt Postdoctoral Project nº3180209).

He is currently working on a book manuscript tentatively titled Passages of Exile: Solidarity, Transnational Film Histories, and the Archive. Based on his dissertation and postdoctoral research project, this book offers a history of Chilean exile cinema understanding it is as a form of transnational cinema born out of global networks of solidarity. Chilean exile cinema names a cultural phenomenon in permanent transit: traveling between nations, film and media institutions, and historical moments. The book traces a journey from the dictatorship years and the geopolitical map of the Cold War to the present, a moment in which these exile films are returning to archives and museums in Chile.

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed journals:

“Everything We Are Seeing We Have Already Seen: Citation in the Cinema of Raúl Ruiz.” Screen vol. 61, nº4 (Winter 2020): 568-585.

“Message from Chile: Letters in Exile Cinema.” In Transition. Journal of Videographic Film & Moving Image Studies vol. 6, nº 1 (2019). Co-authored with Elizabeth Ramírez-Soto.

“Las reglas del juego: hacia una política del cine en dos escritos de Raúl Ruiz.” Anales de Literatura Chilena nº 30 (2018): 151-166.

“Del cine chileno del exilio a la inmigración portuguesa en Canadá. Un estudio sobre Il n’y a pas d’oubli (1975) y Les Borges (1978)”. Archivos de la Filmoteca nº 75 (2018): 85-100.

“Resistance vs. Exile: The Political Rhetoric of Chilean Exile Cinema in the 1970s.” Jump Cut nº 57 (2016).  

Book chapters:

“El eterno retorno de Raúl Ruiz: A TV Dante (Cantos IX – XIV) y La telenovela errante”. Transiciones en el documental del Cono Sur (Argentina, Chile y Uruguay), ed. Paola Margulis. Buenos Aires: Libraria Ediciones (forthcoming). Co-authored with Elizabeth Ramírez-Soto.

“De memoria incompleta: Marilú Mallet de la literatura al cine de ficción.” Nomadías: el cine de Marilú Mallet, Valeria Sarmiento y Angelina Vázquez, eds. Elizabeth Ramírez Soto and Catalina Donoso Pinto. Santiago: Metales Pesados, 2016 (41-63).

“Chilean Exile Cinema and its Homecoming Documentaries.” Cinematic Homecomings: Exile and Return in Transnational Cinema, ed. Rebecca Prime. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2015 (147-168).    

“Residual Images and Political Time: Memory and History in Chile, Obstinate Memory and City of Photographers.” New Documentaries in Latin America, eds. Vinicius Navarro and Juan Carlos Rodríguez. New York: Palgrave, 2014 (107-120).    

Other publications:

“Introducción al dossier. Estados de emergencia: documental y protesta en América Latina”. Cine Documental nº22 (2020). Co-authored with Elizabeth Ramírez-Soto.

“Número de copias: cero. Apuntes sobre una película huérfana, Jaime Barrios y el cine chileno del exilio”. la Fuga 21 (2018).

“Obstinate Memories: The Documentary Films of Patricio Guzmán.” Booklet Essay for the DVD boxset Five Films by Patricio Guzmán, released by Icarus Films on September 2015.