31st Annual CSU Media Arts Festival

Screening and Award Ceremony Information:

Friday, October 22 – Wednesday, October 27, 2021 – Screening of Finalists

Friday, October 29, 2021 at 1:30pm – Awards Presentation and Screening of Winners

Register for Awards Presentation Webinar In Advance

Awards Presentation Meeting ID: 833 1336 8320

Awards Presentation Passcode: 246322


The festivities with a screening of the 31 finalists beginning Friday, October 22, 2021. Participants will have several days over which to view the work of our talented finalists. And viewing can be done at one’s own pace! 


On Friday, October 29, 2021 at 1:30pm, CSU Media Arts will present awards for animation, documentary/creative non-fiction, experimental, narrative, promotional, short screenplay, television news, and best in show! They will also screen the winners.  


Links to participate in the activities will be provided closer to the dates of the events.  






Valor Eden Aguilar, Luke Baird, Joseph Bucsit, Mina Bogedahl 

 (3:13, Animation) 



Breaking the Binary 

Luca Pena, Audrey Sutton 

 (5:02, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction) 



Dancing with Death 

Paula Kiley, Audrey Sutton 

 (5:10, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction) 



Falling (in Love) I After Effects 

Cathy Bui, Bobby Kelley 

 (1:00, Promotional) 



Gireogi Appa 

So Youn Jeon

(3:14, Experimental) 



How to Stop Being Chinese

 Isaac Kau, Seia Watanabe, Moises Marquez, Brandon Kheang, Tzu-han Hsu, Michael Xu, Nicholas Delgado, Marissa Espiritu, Dominique Briet, Tiana Barajas

(3:49, Experimental) 



Liar’s Bluff 

Ronan Cole Jensen, Dominic Hure 

 (16 pages, Short Screenplay) 



Little Canaries 

Hunter Woelfle, Phoenix Liu, Adriana Morales, Domenic Hure

(13:57, Narrative) 



Mis Alas I Raymundo 

Cathy Bui, Bobby Kelley, Brandon Kheang, Alex Nguyen, Zoe Thomson, Sam Navarro, Michael Xu

(4:06, Promotional) 



Shadow Box 

Jessenia Blackstone El Massioui, Micah Goldfarb 

 (2:29, Experimental) 



Target Panic 

Madeleine Braun, Michael Lichauco, Nicholas Delgado, Adara Young, David Roh

(11:54, Documentary/Creative Non-Fiction) 




Dane Liberatore, Cathy Bui, Micah Goldfarb

(7:08, Narrative)