Best of The Beach Program

The Best of The Beach

Monday, April 18th 2022




Target Panic (2020)

Directed by Maddie Braun


1st Place Best Documentary, CSU Media Arts Festival 2021


Former Olympic archer Madeleine Braun delves into the mysterious phenomenon of "target panic", how it wreaked havoc on her own career, and why it is rarely talked about. 


Directed by Sarrah Wolf


1st Place Best Documentary, CSU Media Arts Festival 2019 


Three years after her mother's death, a young filmmaker confronts the truth about her mother's life as a cancer survivor and opioid addict. 



Lurker (2018)


Directed by Charles Watson


2nd Place Best Documentary, CSU Media Arts Festival 2018​ 


Using the streets as his canvas, photographer Billy "Captain Soncho" Williams explores what it means to be an aspiring young artist in Southern California. 



Directed by Samantha Hernandez


1st Place Best Documentary, Best in Show, Audience Choice Award, CSU Media Arts Festival 2018


An intimate portrait of a woman with intellectual disabilities and the child she helped to raise. 



Dancing with Death (2021)


Directed by Audrey Sutton and Paula Kiley


Finalist, Best Documentary, CSU Media Arts Festival 2021


Dancing with Death is a whimsical introspection into one of the most inevitable, and taboo, parts of the human condition — death. This animated short explores life’s big questions through conversations about mortality with death doula Adrian Allotey, a woman who guides people at the exit point of their lives.






The Sound of Love (2017)

Directed by Sean Geisterfer

Best in Show, 1st Place Narrative Short, Audience Choice, CSU Media Arts Festival 2017


Skylar and Jack are writing a song for their unborn child in this story about love and music. 



Justice Delayed (2019)


Directed by Janine Uyanga


1st Place (tied) Narrative Short, CSU Media Arts Festival 2019 


When his 12-year-old brother is shot by a white police officer, a young black man decides to take matters into his own hands but finds himself torn between vengeance and justice. 



Mourning Dove (2017)


Directed by Alexandra Petrus


2nd Place Narrative, CSU Media Arts Festival ​2017 

A young Syrian refugee must use imagination to confront the terrors that tore her home away. 



A Musical Thing (2018)


Directed by Laura Odermatt


3rd Place Experimental, CSU Media Arts Festival 2018


 An experimental film about life, light, and the lyricism of life’s passing moments. 



"Bobby" A Music Video from Hannah (2017)


Directed by Daniel Alvarado


1st Place Music Video, CSU Media Arts Festival 2017 

Prom King Bobby makes some bad choices in this 1990s style music video. 





*Banner Photos from Justice Delayed (2019) Directed by Janine Uyanga