Trailblazing Sustainability: CSULB Film Students Shine in the Green Generation Showcase

Sustainability in filmmaking has been elevated from a mere trend to a vital necessity and our students in the Film & Electronic Arts Department at CSULB are leading the charge. As proud participants in The Green Film School Alliance (GFSA), our department integrates the principles of sustainability throughout our curriculum, shaping future filmmakers who are as eco-conscious as they are creative.

Associate Professor Kent Hayward, our committed representative for the Green Film School Alliance, tirelessly fosters partnerships both within and beyond our campus, promoting the implementation of green filmmaking throughout the myriad of student productions at CSULB.

Our invaluable ally in this mission is the CSULB Sustainability office. The campus Sustainability office supports the department’s advocacy for green filmmaking and provides a range of events, offering our budding filmmakers ample opportunities to immerse themselves in sustainability practices.

This past spring 2023 semester, the campus hosted the 12th annual Green Generation Showcase held at the tranquil Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. The event was cohosted by the President’s Commission on Sustainability and spotlighted the impressive project, "Green Filmmaking: An Environmental Footprint Study of Junior Films in FEA 336", crafted by our dynamic quintet of filmmakers - Josiah Armstrong, Jillian Dorsey, Jennifer Hoehn, Miki Inoguchi, and Kalia Wilkins.

Their project, lauded with an honorable mention, analyzed 10-12 sustainability practices prescribed by the PEACHy tool for student filmmakers. These principles were artfully woven into the production of three diverse junior films: High Heat Showtime, Hanging Out, and Sound of the Air. A rigorous data collection and evaluation were carried out during the production of each film, culminating in an informative poster adorned with infographics, serving as a visual testament to the environmental "footprint" of each film.

The skills honed using the PEACHy tool, will not only equip our students to produce more eco-friendly films in their senior year, but will also provide them with a sustainable mindset that will last long after their graduation.

To honor this extraordinary achievement, the students' poster now holds pride of place in the University Telecommunications Center, a vibrant reminder of our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our film productions.

At CSULB, our students learn more than just the craft of filmmaking. They're trained to appreciate and implement sustainability, not just on set, but in every aspect of their lives. Our commitment to a greener future is not just something we teach, it's something we live, one film at a time.