Newport Beach Film Festival Features Eight Narrative and Documentary CSULB Films

Published October 21, 2020

This year, eight narrative and documentary CSULB Film & Electronic Arts student films screened in the 2020 Newport Film Festival. In its 21st season, the Newport Film Festival is widely recognized by Variety and across the film industry. All eight of the CSULB films listed below streamed on the festival website until October 11th. The Film & Electronic Arts Department is incredibly proud of our talented students and recent alums with featured films in the Newport festival. 


Stealing Home 

A college student struggles to find his way after his persistent battles with cancer. 

  •    DIRECTOR: Eriq Springer 

  •    PRODUCER: Teresa Juarez 


Faith Alone 

A critical examination of the church as an institution, told through the the dual perspectives of the queer director and their mother, an unconventional minister 

  •    DIRECTOR: Jess Kung 

  •    PRODUCER: Taylor Vracin-Harrell 

I Don’t Love You Any Less 

Three years after her mother's death, a young filmmaker confronts the truth about her mother's life as a cancer survivor and opioid addict. 

  •    DIRECTOR: Sarrah Wolfe 

  •    PRODUCER: Nicole Lu 

Fashion Statement 

Liz creates punk rock clothes as a political and fashion statement. 

  •    DIRECTOR: Luis Zuniga 

  •    PRODUCER: Katy Ramage 

Justice Delayed 

A young black man finds himself torn between vengeance and justice when he decides to take matters into his own hands after his 12-year-old brother is shot by a white police officer.  

  •    DIRECTOR: Janine Anne Uyanga 

  •    SCREENWRITER: Ryan Gatus & Janine Anne Uyanga 

  •    PRODUCER: Adam Pacheco & Michael Banares 


The Kick-Off 

Lola, a 16-year-old star soccer player, must remain with her estranged father, while visiting colleges. 

  •    DIRECTOR: Abby Victor 

  •    SCREENWRITER: Abby Victor 

  •    PRODUCER: Monica Hiquera 


A group of friends must face their truth when their unique device starts to detect genuine human emotions. 

  •    DIRECTOR: Aspen Ramsdell 

  •    SCREENWRITER: Aspen Ramsdell 

  •    PRODUCER: Delila Rio & Patrick Kane


The Things We Carry                   

manic depressive struggles to cope with her demons. 

  •    DIRECTOR: Cristal Arriola 

  •    SCREENWRITER: Cristal Arriola 

  •    PRODUCER: Jessica Xuq