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Film Students Continue to Succeed with Avid Certification Program

On May 3rd, 26 students in “FEA 417 Editing III” course, became Avid Media Composer Certified Users after passing their second qualifying exam. After completing the “FEA 415 Editing I” course, students take a two-semester journey where they learn the principles, craft and art of editing while also diving into complex software training. 

Avid Media Composer Certification is a highly valued film and television industry professional credential and is one of the first qualifications, along with a college degree, employers are looking for when they quickly sift through stacks of resumes. One recent grad who is currently working for a production company said, "thanks to this class, I got a big leg up with them because I am certified in Avid." 

These wonderful, hardworking, dedicated students, most of whom graduated weeks after this achievement, have the experience and skills to enter the workplace as editors, assistant and apprentice editors, and post production PAs, and the credentials to prove it!