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Academic Programs

Our department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Electronic Arts (FEA) and provides students two distinct options of study: Narrative Production or Theory and Practice of Cinema. 

There is no portfolio requirement for the Option in Theory & Practice of Cinema.

Option in Narrative Production (54 units)

CSULB FEA University Catalog – Narrative Production

Students in this option receive intensive instruction in narrative cinema production and choose one of two specialized tracks for their senior year:


  •   Production and Directing - Focus on writing, producing, and directing short narrative films, including collaborative work on advanced projects.

  •   Cinematography - Focus on the art and craft of cinematography, including lighting, shooting, and crewing on advanced narrative projects.


Enrollment in this degree option is limited. For admission to this option, applicants must submit a portfolio that is approved by a department faculty review committee. There is no Spring admission for the Narrative Production Option.


Option in Theory and Practice of Cinema (54 units)  

Students in this option attain a foundational education in the history and theory of media, and choose one of the following nine tracks to acquire specialized training:


  1. 1. Creative Nonfiction Production - Working individually and in small groups, each student will acquire hands-on experience in documentary research, development, production, directing, cinematography, sound recording, editing and sound design. They will learn about documentary history and theory, develop strong critique skills, and gain insight about the business side of nonfiction filmmaking. Students complete several short films over the course of three semesters.
  1. 2. Screenwriting - Writing narratives for film, television, and transmedia, as well as writing adaptations from other media.
  1. 3. Broadcast Production - Producing broadcast media including three-camera studio shows, commercials, public service announcements, and live events.
  1. 4. Production Management - Learning the producer's role in feature-length film projects, from development and pre-production to post-production and distribution.
  1. 5. Post Production In depth exploration of editing, sound, and structure to create compelling films, as well as workflows, software, and industry protocols. FEA is pleased to offer our students the AVID Certification program. 

There is no portfolio requirement for the Option in Theory & Practice of Cinema.

Minor in Film and Electronic Arts (18 units)

The minor is a semi-structured program designed to enrich students' understanding of the history and practice of moving images. Students should consult a department advisor regarding ways by which approved courses for the minor can be grouped into specialized tracks.