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How do I join FSLC?

Students are placed into FSLC based on their major and course recommendations for Fall 2020. If a student meets eligibility for any of the learning communities, they will receive specific courses for their learning community on their course registration form.

Who can join FSLC?

All CNSM majors are eligible to join FSLC.

How much does it cost?

FSLC is a free service to our students.

Will I take different classes than I normally would if I join the FSLC?

No, the math, science, and experience success (NSCI-190A) classes are exactly the same. As an added benefit, you will be guaranteed a spot in the classes you do need. We also include a one unit supplemental instruction class that will help you succeed in your Math and Chemistry class.

Can I change my major while being a part of FSLC?

No. FSLC is available to CNSM freshmen only. Student who decide to switch out of CNSM will not be allowed to continue in the program.

What happens if I don't pass one of my Math or Science classes in FSLC?

FSLC students are expected to receive a "C" or better (CR in CHEM 90) in their Math and Science courses. If students do not pass theses classes, they will not be able to continue with the FSLC cohort. It is at the discretion of the FSLC coordinators what classes and services a student can continue in the program.