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What's Going on In the CCE- Spring final 2024

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Spring 2024 Service Learning Curriculum Design

We are happy to announce that we certified two new courses this spring semester as part of our Service Learning Curriculum Design grant program. Our faculty, trained in innovative educational practices, have developed these courses to highlight our commitment to experiential learning and community engagement. 

Professor Zakiya Atkinson

Department: Dance

Course: New Study Abroad Course in Arts Education and Social Practice

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We are thrilled to announce that Zakiya Atkinson from the Dance Department has been awarded a Service Learning Curriculum Design grant to create an innovative study abroad course. This course will immerse students in South African communities, offering an experiential learning experience that combines arts education with social practice. Professor Atkinson's course will explore interdisciplinary approaches, integrating artistic, cultural, and inclusive practices. Students will gain a deep understanding of South Africa’s history and sociocultural norms while learning how arts-based engagement can drive social change. They will collaborate with NGOs, local artists, and community members to create arts-based workshops, fostering meaningful relationships and ethical community engagement. This course promises to be an enriching journey, bridging performing arts, visual arts, liberal studies, and education pathways. This course will be offered in Summer 2025.

Professor Ann Thuy-Ling Tran

Department: Asian & Asian American Studies 

Course: ASAM 121: Contemporary Issues in Asian America: Intergenerational Trauma and Community Healing

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Dr. Ann Thuy-Ling Tran from the Asian American Studies Department has received a Service Learning Curriculum Design grant for the course ASAM 121: Contemporary Issues in Asian America: Intergenerational Trauma and Community Healing. Dr. Tran has designed a course focusing on contemporary issues within Asian American communities in Orange County and Los Angeles County. Specifically, students will explore how mental health issues, such as behavioral and drug addictions—often invisible obstacles experienced by Asian American youth—result from ethnic stratification and U.S. racialization processes.

Students will engage in service learning with local nonprofit organizations that serve Asian American youth to understand how historical marginalization, model minority stereotypes, and the triangulation of Asian Americans pervade interpersonal, familial, and community relationships. They will learn about how these issues are addressed by community organizations and resources and gain experience working directly with community members and organizations through observational hours, interviews with community organizers, and event programming with community organizations. This course will be offered in Spring 2025.

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E. James Brotman Community Service Endowment

This spring and summer, the E. James Brotman Community Service Endowment has awarded scholarships to 110 students, totaling $113,900. Through collaborations with the Center for Community Engagement and local organizations, our program supports STEM-related internships that promote equity, access, and inclusion. These scholarships not only enhance student experiences but also foster meaningful community partnerships. We remain committed to assessing and improving our programs to maximize their impact on both students and the community.

The E. James Brotman Community Service Endowment supported four scholarship programs in the Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 semesters. Leveraging the infrastructure created by the Center for Community Engagement, Academic Internships Office, and the Long Beach Community Internship Program, we provided 97 students with scholarships in spring 2024 and plan to award 13 additional scholarships in summer 2024. The funds are used to enhance equitable access to paid student internships and community engagement programs doing STEM related work in the community. To date, a total of $113,900 has been awarded.  


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The Long Beach Community Internship Program (LBCIP), established in 2021, has connected 155 CSULB juniors and seniors—95% Students of Color and 80% first-generation college students—with over 60 local organizations, completing over 16,000 hours of work and contributing $580,000 in labor to the community, while offering professional development and $2,000 participation awards thanks to generous donors. The long-term effects of the LBCIP are promising for the community. By connecting students with local organizations, the program not only provides valuable work experience but also fosters a sense of civic engagement and community pride. As these students graduate and enter the workforce, they will bring their skills and passion back to their communities, contributing to the growth and development of Long Beach for years to come.

Service learning award recipients

Year End Showcase

On May 10th, the CCE Service Learning team hosted our first SL Showcase and Award Ceremony at the Ngai Alumni Center. The celebration highlighted impactful projects by Beach students and community partners through vibrant presentations, displays, and videos. Special guests included CSULB President Conoley and Dr. Kerry Johnson, who expressed their gratitude and support for these transformative initiatives. The transformative initiatives showcased at the SL Showcase and Award Ceremony demonstrated the power of service learning in creating positive change within the community. From environmental conservation projects to mentorship programs, these initiatives not only benefited the individuals involved but also had a lasting impact on the wider community.

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Spring 2024 Service Learning Recap

The spring 2024 semester has ended and the following is a snapshot of the service learning program. The semester was a success with 8,000 service hours logged. The students that participated gained valuable skills such as problem solving and teamwork. They also made a lasting impact on the community. Overall, the spring 2024 service learning program was a resounding success. This was due to the assistance of 157 active community partners dedicated to making a lasting impact on the community. The community partners were an invaluable asset and without their help, the program would not have been as successful. Thank you to all participants for another successful semester!

E. James Brotman Community Service Endowment Report 2024

The E. James Brotman Community Service Endowment supported four scholarship programs in the Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 semesters. Leveraging the infrastructure created by the Center for Community Engagement, Academic Internships Office, and the Long Beach Community Internship Program, we provided 97 students with scholarships in spring 2024 and plan to award 13 additional scholarships in summer 2024. The funds are used to enhance equitable access to paid student internships and community engagement programs doing STEM related work in the community. To date, a total of $113,900 has been awarded.  

E. James Brotman Community service endowment report cover

To view the full report select the report cover above or the following link:…


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Fall 2023 Service Learning Recap

As we reflect on the past semester, we are delighted to share the remarkable achievements and highlights of our Fall 2023 Service Learning Program. This semester has been a testament to the dedication and commitment of our students, partners, and the entire community.

We offered a diverse range of 21 service learning sections, providing students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful projects across various disciplines.

A total of 355 students enthusiastically enrolled in service learning courses, showcasing their eagerness to make a positive impact on the world.

Many of our students went above and beyond by working with more than one partner, resulting in an impressive 359 service learning placements. This demonstrates their willingness to immerse themselves in service. We are incredibly grateful for our 147 service learning partners who collaborated with us to provide valuable opportunities for our students to learn and serve. The cumulative effort of our students and partners led to a staggering 6956 service learning hours reported by the end of the semester. This number speaks volumes about the collective dedication to service within our community.

We are immensely proud of what we've achieved together in the Fall 2023 Service Learning Program. It's a testament to the power of education, collaboration, and the commitment to creating a better future.

Thank you to all the students, partners, and supporters who made this semester a resounding success. Let's continue to work together to make a positive impact in the upcoming semester and beyond.

CSULB Internship Program

LBCIP Spring 2024 Cohort

This spring, the Long Beach Community Internship Program will host a STEM-focused cohort of students. 31 students will be interning at various STEM related organizations, including, The City of Long Beach Department of Health & Human Services, Aquarium of the Pacific, The MOORE Institute for Plastic Pollution and Research, DemoChicks, Shared Science, and more! For more information about LBCIP, visit 


Piloting Micro-Internships

The AIO will be collaborating with two service learning courses, Community Nutrition (NUTR 461) and Conservation Biology (BIO 459), to pilot a micro-internships program. Micro-Internships are short-term, paid, project-based professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns. Students enrolled in these courses will be able to demonstrate skills, explore career paths, and build their networks as they develop competencies to be career ready.

 Upcoming College Corps Applications

College Corps will begin recruiting for Cohort 3 (fall 2024 - spring 2025) this semester. Visit the College Corps website to check when applications will open and more information about the program,

Event flyer for spring fling: open house. Place: Lower quad in between CLA and AS buildings. March 20-21 from 11-2

Spring Open House

Don't Miss Out on Our Spring Fling Open House Event! 

Mark your calendars for March 20th – 21st, from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, as the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) hosts an exciting Spring Fling Open House Event! Find us in the grass area in front of the Academic Services (AS) Building (Near CLA Admin Building) for a relaxing experience. 

Take advantage of complimentary snacks and midterm kits, participate in stress-relief activities, and witness live planting demonstrations to help you decompress. Plus, don't forget about our big giveaways featuring Apple, JBL, and Tile product

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The Department of Anthropology developed four, new Service Learning (SL) courses this Fall.  Drs. Kara Miller, Karen Quintiliani, and Scott Wilson developed new SL courses in…Medical Technologies & Human Bodies (ANTH 155), Urban Anthropology (ANTH 416/516), Historical Ethnography (ANTH 428/528), and New Media Ethnography (ANTH 431/531), respectively.  These courses are designed not only to impart knowledge but also to inspire action and community engagement. By weaving community involvement throughout the curriculum, the Department of Anthropology is not only educating the minds of its students but also nurturing compassionate citizens committed to positive societal change. These courses reflect a commitment to academic excellence and community betterment, and we can't wait to see the transformative experiences they offer to students and the impact and success stories that emerge from these pioneering courses.  In these courses students will have a wide-range of opportunities to:  gain hands-on experience; address real-world health disparities and local challenges while collaborating with organizations dedicated to making a difference; enrich their understanding and engage directly with local community organizations; collaborate with Long Beach community partners on research projects that construct inclusive community narratives; and receive hands-on training in applied visual anthropology, enabling them to create media products that contribute to community betterment.  If you are interested in teaching and/or developing a new SL course, reach out to us at

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The Academic Internships Office kicked off the semester with the 2nd Annual Internship Jamboree, which brought together 150+ students, faculty, administrators, staff, and community partners... at the Earl Burns Japanese Garden to celebrate the equity-anchored, high-impact internship programs across campus. This year, 63 College Corps interns from 6 colleges are completing 450 service hours with 45 community partners and 17 LBCIP student interns, across 8 majors are working with 15 Long Beach based community organizations. Through a generous donation from President Conoley and the E. James Brotman Community Service Endowment Funding, we will be expanding paid internship opportunities in Spring 2024, hosting a STEM focused LBCIP cohort of student interns, piloting micro-internships with two certified service-learning courses, offering scholarships to students completing unpaid STEM-related internships, and scholarships to students completing STEM-related internships and community service projects to offset the costs of purchasing equipment. Through this donation, we will expand academic internship opportunities to 100+ additional CSULB students.

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Community Leaders from six, local community organizations participated in, “The State of Community Policy Advocacy & Organizing in Long Beach”... policy convening. The purpose of the panel discussion was to identify concrete ways for our campus community to be more involved in local policy work, and to strengthen our partnerships with local community-based organizations. Community leaders from Long Beach Forward, KGA, Sunrise Long Beach, ORALE, CFJ, and LIBRE shared critical aspects of the work their respective organizations are advancing and highlighted key examples of opportunities for CSULB students, faculty and staff to be directly involved in these efforts (e.g. community-based action and participatory research as well as community-based learning opportunities like Services Learning and Academic Internships). Those in attendance took away concrete examples on how our campus community can become more involved in positively impacting our surrounding communities. We greatly appreciated local community leaders representing their respective organizations and communities, and sharing their policy insights with our campus community at large.

Introduction of the CSULB Policy for Service Learning

The Cal State Long Beach Policy on Service Learning, Policy Number 19-13, was passed by the Academic Senate and became effective on November 5, 2019.
"This policy establishes guidance on Service Learning (SL) for the entire campus. It addresses the approval process and the role of the Center for Community Engagement (CCE). This policy does not apply to teacher preparation placements or clinical placements in professional programs."
The policy sets forth the minimum requirements for a course to be certified as a service learning course.  All existing and future service learning courses will be reviewed by the Center for Community Engagement and should reflect the definition of service learning and incorporate the requirements as described within the policy in order to receive certification.
For the full text of the policy, please go to the CSULB Policy on Service Learning (19-13).

Community Partner Spotlight: Long Beach Grey Panthers

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In June 2023, the Long Beach Grey Panthers received Workforce innovation award for their Internship Leadership Program from LA County’s Los Angeles Alliance for Community Health & Aging (LAACHA).



Mayor Richardson Visits the CCE

Mayor Rex Richardson paid a visit to the Center for Community Engagement, where he heard from students (via video) and Executive Director Dr. Juan Benitez about how the center prepares Beach students for jobs in the community through service learning. 

Service learning emphasizes learning through community service activities fundamental to course outcomes and benefits students as well as community partners by promoting sustainable campus-community relationships. 

To that end, Richardson said he hopes to have a program in place soon that would bring together neighbors to discuss the challenges that face the city.