Service Learning

A high impact teaching approach utilizing community-based experiential learning to connect theory and practice through critical reflection.  Service Learning emphasizes learning through community service activities that are fundamental to course outcomes.
The SL team provides ongoing support to SL faculty, students, and community partners. 

Relation between a service learning class and an academic internship

Students participate in meaningful experiences through reflection, discussion, and hands-on learning to apply course content in real world settings.

Service Learning prepares students to better understand course content via learning by doing or “experiential learning.” It promotes student learning through active participation in meaningful and planned service experiences based on community needs that are related to course content and have a 20 hour service requirement. 

Academic Internships formally integrate the student’s academic study with hands on, professional experience in a cooperating organization related to the student’s career interests. The internships help students get prepared for or explore career options and have a 60+ hour requirement.

At the beginning of the semester, your service learning professor will provide a list of pre-approved sites that will fit best with your course curriculum. After going through the organization's descriptions and task, you would then reach out to the site and see if they currently have the capacity to accept you at their site. Once you are approved, you will go on to S4 @ The Beach to start your placement process.

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