About the Center


The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) engages the university and community in creating a just and civil society where every member functions as an agent of social change.


The Center for Community Engagement enriches the educational experiences of students by:

  • Serving as a facilitative partner and resource for students, faculty, staff and community members in strengthening community capacity;
  • Promoting shared community-based participatory research and planning; and
  • Building social and political capital through the coordination of community and civic engagement, effective service learning and reciprocal community collaboration.

Our Staff

Executive Director

Juan M. Benitez, PhD

Associate Director

Carina Sass, MA

Community Engagement Coordinator

Mitra Baghdadi, MA 

Service Learning Faculty Fellow

Sarah Taylor, PhD

Administrative Coordinator

Isabelle Garcia, MPA

Community-Engaged Learning Programs Assistant

B'Jon Jones