BUILD Mentor Training

When you become a BUILD Research Mentor, you are provided with a variety of training options. Before you gain access to supply funding that is associated with your BUILD mentee, you are required to participate in the BUILD Mentoring Community, which is a two-semester program. The first semester is a 9-week program that is a hybrid version of NRMN’s “Entering Mentoring” program. The second semester is a "try it/apply it" project where you implement what you learned in the first semester. You are also required to attend one Multicultural Mentoring workshop. Two are held each semester.

Orientation Videos

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Video 1:
Introduction & NIH Diversity Consortiium

Duration: 2:34

Video 2:
NIH Collaborative Agreement


Duration: 2:35

Video 3:
Diversity Program Consortium & BUILD

Duration: 2:47

Video 4:
National Research Mentoring Network

Duration: 1:16

Video 5:


Duration: 2:25

Video 6:
CSULB BUILD Leadership


Duration: 1:20

Video 7:
CSULB BUILD Partnerships


Duration: 1:07

Video 8:
Institutional Development Core

Duration: 3:37

Video 9:
BUILD Mentoring Community

Duration: 1:32

Video 10:
BUILD Trainees

Duration: 1:58

Video 11:
BUILD Trainee Selection

Duration: 2:26

Video 12:
Mentor/Mentee Matching

Duration: 2:03

Video 13:
Trainee Program Overview: Associates

Duration: 4:34

Video 14:
Trainee Program Overview: Scholars

Duration: 6:04

Video 15:
Research Mentor's Role


Duration: 1:55

Video 16:
Research Mentor Directory


Duration: 2:19

Video 17:
Mentor Responsibilities


Duration: 3:56

Video 18:
BUILD Mentoring Community (BMC) & Multicultural Training

Duration: 2:31

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