USC Field Trip 2016 Highlights

Published June 22, 2016

On June 22, 2016, upper division Scholars, along with some CSULB BUILD faculty and staff, traveled to the University of Southern California (USC), one of our research partners, to learn more about the research conducted there and meet potential mentors.

CSULB BUILD Scholars visited the University of Southern California campus and learned about research and the graduate school admissions process.

A variety of USC researchers gave presentations, sharing their research, and career path, with the Scholars during the trip.

Deciding on a career in research isn’t always clear cut, was one of the takeaway lessons students learned. “It was refreshing to know that all professors didn’t know what they wanted to do either at my age,” said one CSULB Scholar.

 Scholars also learned that research can present challenges you aren’t expecting. “I really enjoyed hearing about Claradina Soto’s research,” said another Scholar, “and learning about all the issues she had with recruitment in the Native American population. She thought that because she was from USC, doors would open for her, but as it turned out, it was her biggest obstacle.”

Claradina Soto speaking to CSULB BUILD Scholars
Dr. Claradina Soto shared her experience working with Native American tribes.

Joel Milam, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine, was the student’s favorite presenter. An alumnus of CSULB, Dr. Milam not only talked about his current research involving people living with cancer and HIV/AIDS, but also how he didn’t know what he was going to do in college and still isn’t sure what his future holds.

At the end of the day, Scholars spent about an hour asking questions about the graduate admissions process.



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Dr. David Conti
Dr. David Conti gave a fascinating presentation on genomics and how it can change health care in the future.
Dr. Hooman Allaye
Dr. Hooman Allaye spoke on his work in genetics.