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#ShutDownSTEM #ShutDownAcademia - Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020

Published June 9, 2020

# SHUT DOWN STEMIn support of the #SHUTDOWNSTEM and #SHUTDOWNACADEMIA movement, the CSULB BUILD Program will reschedule all regular internal meetings taking today. Below is a list of resources to watch, listen, read, and engage with in our ongoing reflection and action towards disrupting anti-Black racism in the sciences and beyond. Follow the hashtags on Twitter and Instagram for additional resources and information. 

  • Watch: Okwandu, U.R. [WGBHForum]. (2019, March 6). A study in medical and scientific racism in America.
  • Listen: Brené, B. (Host). (2020, June 3). Brené with Ibram X. Kendi on how to be an antiracist. [Audio podcast episode]. In Unlocking Us.
  • Listen: A decade of watching  Black people die. (2020, May 31). [Audio podcast episode]. In NPR Code Switch. 
  • Listen: Crenshaw, K. (Host). (2020, May 19). Under the blacklight: Virus, voting and vigilantism in Georgia (No. 17). [Audio podcast episode]. In Intersectionality Matters!
  • Read: Carter, D.F., Razo Dueñas, J. & Mendoza, R. (2019). Critical examination of the role of STEM in propagating and maintaining race and gender disparities. In Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research (pp. 39-97). Springer.
  • Read: Crawford-Roberts, A. et al. (2020, June 6). George Floyd’s autopsy and the structural gaslighting of America. Scientific American.
  • Read: Nelson, R. (2019, June 25). Racism in science: The taint that lingers. Nature.
  • Read: Skibba, R. (2019, May 20). The disturbing resilience of scientific racism. Smithsonian Magazine.
  • Engage: List of petitions, places to donate and other educational resources (PDF iconDownload PDF)