BUILD Students of the Week: March 1, 2019

Published March 4, 2019

Every Friday we'll highlight BUILD Trainees from the three Learning Communities -- 295, 395 and 495 -- so that you can get to know them better.

UNIV 395

Solena Hessel

Solena Hessel
Year One Scholar

Major: Dietetics/Food Science

Hails From: Sunset Beach, Calif.

Research Interests: Endocrinology, Metabolism, Neuroscience, Psychology

Personal Interests: Photography, writing, reading, fish-keeping

Favorite Scientist: Robert Lustwig, American pediatric endocrinologist

Fun Fact: I collect spoons

UNIV 495

Andrea Luna

Andrea Luna
Year Two Scholar

Major: Health Science-Community Health

Hails From: Compton, Calif.

Research Interests: Social and Sexual Relationships, Reproductive Health, Family Relationships, Adolescents and Young Adults

Personal Interests: Volunteering has a special place in my heart, trying new foods/places to eat, I love coffee shops, I like to model and do runways shows/pageants

Favorite Scientist: My absolute favorite scientist is Dr. Roudi Roy! She is also my mentor. She's motivating and always looks out for me academically and personally. She inspires me to chase my goals and never give up.

Fun Fact: I was Miss Teen Compton 2015. I have been involved in research since I was a 1st-year undergraduate.