BUILD GMs of the Month: November 2018

Published November 20, 2018

Each month we'll highlight a couple of the BUILD Graduate Mentors so that you can get to know them better.

Sung Jun "Sunny" Park

Sung Jun (Sunny) Park, BUILD Graduate Mentor

Master's Program: Sport and Exercise Psychology

Hometown: Larchmont, Calif.

Research Interests: Self-Regulation and Self-efficacy

Personal Interests: Sports, NY Giants, MMA, Cooking, Reading, going out with friends, outdoor activities like hiking or fishin

Quote to Live By: "If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same" from "If" by Rudyard Kipling

Curtis “Curt” Andrews

Curtis Andrews, BUILD Graduate Mentor

Master's Program: Computational Linguistics

Hometown: Irvine, Calif.

Research Interests: Natural Language Processing, Phonology, Language Learning Software

Personal Interests: Cooking, Rock Climbing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Quote to Live By: "Not all those who wander are lost." ~ J.R.R. Tolkein