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Lauren Delaney

Published September 10, 2018

My Beach Experience

What I love about CSULB is the welcoming feeling you get when on campus. I have had amazing, caring professors for almost every course I have taken, and have been surrounded by dedicated and inspiring individuals in my classes. Joining an organization was the best thing I did during my years here at CSULB because it broadened my network and taught me skill sets they don’t teach in the classroom.

Running an organization was really out of my comfort zone at first as I had always been used to being on the sidelines. However, SWB showed me what I capable of, taught me how to lead teams of people, and really build an organization up to its full potential.

SWB and CSULB have given me great confidence as I enter my last year before graduating. The Beach has opened many doors for me, from meeting lifelong friends, to wonderful internship opportunities, to a college experience that I had always dreamed of.  

My Path to CSULB

When I turned 18, my mother said she was moving to Oregon for better job opportunities. I had the choice of going with her and applying to Oregon State, but would be facing hefty tuition and out of state fees and would be leaving my friends and family behind. My father was having some health issues at the time and I really did not want to be too far away from him. I knew I wanted out of Fullerton, as I had felt I had outgrown the town and wanted a little more adventure, especially with my mom leaving and not having much tying me to the town.

One of our most trusted family friends is a judge and I had always talked to him for advice about anything school related. When my acceptance letters began coming in from various state schools and I had told him I got accepted to CSULB, he nearly fell out of his chair he was so proud. We had such a long discussion about CSULB’s prestigious business school and I shared my dreams of living near the beach. Plus it would allow me to be close to my dad if he needed anything, as well as an airport to be able to visit my mom frequently.

After walking around the campus and driving through the city, I was immediately in love. CSULB is everything I imagined a university to be when I was growing up. It already felt like home. With a judge’s approval, and the practicality of being able to visit both my parents and loving the idea of being near the ocean, I was sold on CSULB. It was the best decision I have ever made. Visiting various friends at other schools has only enhanced this feeling as no other campus has given that same feeling of being home.

Life after The Beach. What is next after school?

If all goes well, I will be working with Reyes Beverage Group which is America’s largest beer distribution company. I was an operations intern with them at their Harbor Distribution location in Huntington Beach over the summer and fell in love. I loved what I was doing, the people I was working with, and the company values. If that does not work out, my plan B is to stay in the field of operations ad hope to work up to be a Director of Operations one day.

Why did you get involved with the myBeach program and Alumni?

I believe reaching out to the alumni office and being a part of the myBeach program is a great way to network and learn from those who had been in my shoes before. The alumni that I have met have given wonderful heartfelt advice about life, careers, and tips for college.

I believe it is essential to utilize the resources CSULB has to offer and dive into all the opportunities the university is willing to give students so that we may excel during and after our college career.