DeLane Magee '22

Published May 3, 2022

My highlights at CSULB have mainly stemmed from friends that I made in class as wells as my on-campus jobs being a SOAR Leader and my multiple positions at ASI. In these settings, I have met wonderful people and lifelong friends and have made great memories that I will cherish.

Long Beach has been taking care of me since pre-school, especially with the Long Beach Promise program that helped get into CSULB. In addition, I heard that CSULB has an amazing network of resources and people that I can be connected. This was extremely helpful being a first-generation Engineering student.

I am still applying to various jobs in my field; however, I am being patient with the process and allowing myself to rest and recharge with the free time I have after graduation. I plan on reconnecting with friends and visiting previous hobbies I partook in earlier years.

Being a first-generation Engineering student and my last semester, I felt that I needed a mentor to help guide me through this transitional period of life, and that’s where the mentoring program came into effect where I was paired with Christian Castro who has been extremely helpful and patient. I was assisted with interviewing and resume writing and was able to calm my nervousness about transition to the professional work field.