Katherine Gonzalez '22

Published November 2, 2021

I’m currently a studio art major with a focus on animation. I enjoy metalsmith work, hiking, traveling and shopping! I stay involved by serving as a student ambassador for the art department, and also serve as the Senator for College of the Arts with ASI. The reason I chose CSULB is because it has a really great art program in all areas and really does give a lot of helpful resources to students majoring in art! But, through the pandemic, it has been tough to get accustomed to Long Beach and transferring from El Camino College during the start of it was harder. I grew accustomed to learning online but had a few in person classes so I was able to get a bit of that experience. This Spring semester will be my last semester at CSULB and it will all be in person so I hope to get the most out of being in person for majority of my classes.

What brought me to CSULB was the art program: I was highly fascinated by it. I did not know which other university to go to other than CSULB. The arts program here is what I’ve been looking for and it is something I highly enjoy.

What I plan to do next after graduation is apply for internships and work on a portfolio to show my skills and knowledge of all that I learned at CSULB.

I was interested in learning more about different opportunities and learning about what to do next after graduation.