Evelina Macias '21

Published May 4, 2021

I transferred into CSULB in Spring 2020 and was only on campus for about two months until having to transition online. So I did not get a full Beach experience, but overall it was great. I still had access to everything I needed such as the advisors from the TRIO Student Support Service program, professors were available to meet with me, and still able to achieve my goals and succeed in my academia.

During my time at Mount San Antonio College (MT.SAC) I was in the Interpreter Training Program and I wanted to transfer to CSULB to continue my studies in ASL Linguistics and study more about Deaf culture. I was encouraged by MT.SAC faculty to transfer to CSULB as they were both in collaboration on setting up an ASL Linguistics and Interpreting program in Long Beach. I am glad that I made the choice of transferring to CSULB in learning more about ASL and meeting new people with my same major.

Starting on June 21, 2021 I will be starting at Western Oregeon University (WOU) for a Master’s Degree in Interpreting Studies: Theory and Practice. Additionally, I will be working as a Graduate Assistant for the Center for Academic Innovation starting this Summer 2021. I am also looking forward to working as an Instructional Aide working in a deaf/hard of hearing program.

To be able to give back to the BEACH and for incoming or current students to be encouraged on continuing in their academia.