Brenda Payan-Garcia '23

Published October 4, 2022

My experience at CSULB was great. I got to attend events such as Smorgasport as well as a conference with Rainn Wilson. I got to visit so many cool places in the area. I did a lot of socializing. I was also able to grow as a person and into an adult. I was able to find and create my own identity. I learned that there is so much to learn still and that there are still good people out there willing to help or support you. Besides making great memories with some of my closest friends (& roommates), the highlight of my experience has been taking the position of Editor-in-Chief for DÍG en Español.

I wanted something new and exciting (coming from a small town). I wanted to work in the entertainment industry (L.A.), but I didn’t want to live in L.A. with all that traffic; so, I figured I’d go to a university that was a little more of a distance but still close enough. Ultimately, it was visiting the campus that did it for me. It just felt right; like home. I think it was all the vegetation and the homey buildings that really made it feel that way. It felt comfortable to be on campus. It was also the perfect size (and close to all the best theme parks).

I plan to continue my public relations path, while using what I learned in journalism to create long lasting policy change. Hopefully I’ll get an internship position for a large entertainment company such as Universal Studios. However, my main hopes are to advance in my music career as a performer and entertainer.

A representative of the program reached out to me. I had never heard of the program before, but their interest in getting to know students and spotlight them for their hard work appealed a lot to me. I want to see what else they can do for their students/alum.