Harmony Walton '14

My name is Harmony and I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. From an early age, I had an interest in the arts as well as social sciences. While taking classes for general requirements, I especially enjoyed art history and economics. From there, I discovered the marketing major which was the ideal intersection of creative and business practices. I graduated from CSULB in 2014 with a degree in Business Marketing. After college, I went on to work in marketing for a few years in Los Angeles in event marketing, brand management, and digital marketing at experiential marketing agencies and the natural food CPG space on the client side. In 2017, I decided to make the jump from Marketing to Talent Acquisition and relocated to Brooklyn, New York. I entered the tech startup scene and worked as a Technical Sourcer at a health-tech company and HR tech company, both Y Combinator startups

I’m currently a Digital Sourcer at Accenture, a global technology services and consulting company. I focus on Accenture Interactive, where I source candidates for strategy, design, and tech roles for our digital agencies.

I attended networking events at every chance I could that I found via social media groups and event websites in order to stay current and meet new people across industries. I always Networked with people because I had a genuine interest in collaborating on ideas or sharing information. Keeping an updated LinkedIn profile and resume has also been very important for me so I stay prepared for the next job opportunity.

Being able to build a memorable candidate experience. 

Not exactly, but I went with the flow and I really like where my career has taken me. 

 I always wanted to work in tech and creative digital space so definitely love being so close to cutting edge technology. 

I think the biggest transition was that in the real world of marketing and outside of the classroom, there is less time to sit together bouncing off ideas in this idyllic "brainstorming room” that many marketing students imagined. Instead, there was more “just doing it”, and active learning that took place and then iterating on that result. 

Learning how to utilize resources. I remember struggling in my calculus class and being afraid to ask for additional help. When I humbled myself and started attending tutoring sessions that were offered through the class, I gained so much confidence to the point that I would solve problems on the whiteboard in front of my tutoring group. In my professional life, this may translate to joining ERG’s (Employee Resource Groups) within the company or attending conferences and networking panels in my industry to continue learning. This also means staying up to date by taking online courses, classes, and webinars. In my personal life, this means being able to find the best options and basically get the most out of things such as fun events, travel, and credit cards options.

 I decided to join CSULB Alumni because I’m living in a new city and was hoping to connect with other Californians especially with this bond of attending such a great school. CSULB and the Long Beach experience as a whole will always be an important part of my life. 

I hope to have made my way to a leadership role within Talent Acquisition and drive an electric sports car. 

Be less concerned with having a linear career path. You’ll find that everything you’ve learned becomes relevant in one form or another.