Amber Watt '11

Amber graduated from CSULB in 2011 with a double major in Film and Electronic Arts and Comparative World Literature. After her undergraduate studies, Amber attended Kings College London to complete an MA in Cultural and Creative Industries, and followed that with an MSc in Media, Communication and Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Having just recently returned to the States, Amber is working in Security and Operations at the Riverside Convention Center.

Working security and operations allows me to use my communication skills on both a micro and macro level. With one-on-one interactions, I build interpersonal relationships and mediate conflicts. With events constantly happening, I help manage community relations by ensuring operations at the site run smoothly and securely.

I am currently working in security and operations at the Riverside Convention Center, an iconic cultural and events facility in my hometown of Riverside, CA.

The most rewarding part of my current position is contributing to the culture, safety, and outreach in the community that helped shape me. The most rewarding part of my career path is promoting greater consciousness, compassion, and understanding through communications, culture, storytelling and media.

As an undergraduate at The Beach, I was very much involved with the CSULB campus community in a communication, safety and outreach role. I was a Resident Assistant in Parkside Commons, so a passion for engagement and security was a huge part of my undergrad mentality. As a producer on student films, I carried the responsibility of ensuring the cast, crew, and production itself were safe, legally protected in all aspects, and in a conflict-free and hospitable work environment. Though I did not imagine myself in this particular role as an undergrad, when the opportunity arose to join the RCC team, much of my background allowed me to see that it would be a good match.

Yes! Once on holiday in York (queueing for the Viking museum), and once in conversation with another course mate at KCL. It was unexpected but welcome. Even though I felt at home in the UK, finding Beach alumni was always a great reminder of the shared sense of joy and love Beach alumni have for our little corner of the world.

I joined the Alumni Association for several reasons. Being a student abroad made me realize how much I valued my time at The Beach in ways I hadn’t thought of before, and I wanted to remain connected to the community I am so fond of. Additionally, now that I have returned to the US and southern California, I would love to start building my professional network here. I hope to contribute in my own way, and connect with like-minded, goal-oriented people. Last but not least, I joined because I am proud to be a graduate of our fantastic university: Go Beach!

Embrace everything as much and as fast as possible. You don’t realize how short your time there will feel (I was there for 3 years and there are still so many reasons to return) and there’s no point in letting fear hold you back. Of course culture shock is understandable, but find good people and you’ll figure it out together. Also, be aware of immigration laws. If you fall in love with a place, you need to have a realistic outlook of what your relationship with that country will be allowed to be. Often times, no matter how much you want to stay, something will prevent that from being a feasible option. Know what health care your visa entitles you to and sign up for it immediately. Take advantage of domestic travel deals. Europe isn’t the size of the US, so getting around can be blissfully easy and comparatively cheap. Be grateful for every moment and make the most of it always.