Stacy Dukes

  • Associate Professor, Design Department
  • Beginning and advanced classes in Design Department.  

1964 to 1986; sought the position for another life’s chapter.

The teaching experience and creative interaction with students became an important element in my own thinking process.

Mostly the small moments I had with students as they achieved a breakthrough for themselves.

Running my own design studio.  Current clientele includes City of Manhattan Beach, BMW Auto Group, Long Beach Museum of Art, and Cal State University Fullerton.

Cultural growth.

I found students that were in my opinion ‘slipping through the cracks’ and decided to mentor them and offer them a chance to work part time for me. As we began to work on more projects, I found the students were able to develop not only as an artist but also as a confident, young individual. It’s the little victories that you have with a student where they accomplish things they never thought they were capable of, that has made the biggest impact on my career. The best thing you can do as a teacher is to open up doors for your students and hope that with your guidance they are able to achieve amazing things in their life.

For the past 30 years I have owned a studio in Santa Ana and continue to manage projects, meet with new clientele, and develop my own concepts for individual pieces I am working on. One of the things I love about having a creative space is it allows me to come up with new techniques and ideas that I can then implement into my latest art pieces.

I continue to do consulting work for many international firms which include the city of Manhattan Beach, CSU Fullerton, The Long Beach museum of Art, and BMW.