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Program Assessment and Review Council (PARC) - Documents


1.    Academic Senate Policy on Program Review

2.    Chapter 5 of Curriculum Handbook (detailed and up-to-date discussion of program review process and timeline)

3.    List by College of most recent MOUs (Memorandas of Understanding)


3.    Elements of the Self Study for Program Review of Degree Granting Programs (2021-22)

5.    Elements of the Self Study for Program Review of Academic Support Programs

6.   Institutional Research (for required data for the self-study)


7.    Guidelines for Preparation of Expedited Program Review

8.    PARC Checklist (to be submitted to PARC with accreditation material)

9.    Accrediting Organizations


10.   Guidelines for Departments Preparing to Host Reviewers

11.   CSULB Rubric for External Reviewers


12.   Annual Report Template (DOC)

13.   Rubric for Assessment Reports (used by Director of Program Review)


14.   PARC Report Template 

15.   MOUs by College (NB: Signed copies are on file in the Vice Provost's office)

PARC Reports and MOUs
Colleges The Arts Business Education Engineering

School of Art (PDF) (2010)

Dance (PDF) (2020)

Design (DOC) (2010)

Film & Electronic Arts (PDF) (2020)

Music (PDF) (2012)

Theatre Arts (DOC) (2010)

MBA/MFA Theatre Management (DOC) (2015)

College of Business (DOC) (2017)

College of Education (PDF) (2008)

Social and Cultural Analysis of Education (DOC) (2010)

Student Development in Higher Education (PDF) (2021)

Aerospace Engineering (PDF) (2021)

Chemical Engineering (DOC) (2009)

Civil Engineering, MS (DOC) (2013)

Civil Engineering, BS (PDF) (2021)

CECS, BS (PDF) (2017)

Construction Engineering Management (DOC) (2013)

Electrical Engineering, BS (PDF) (2021)

Electrical Engineering, BS-AVEP (PDF) (2021)

Electrical Engineering, MS (PDF) (2012)

Engineering and Computational Mathematics (PDF) (2019)

Mechanical Engineering, BS (PDF) (2021)

Mechanical Engineering, BS-AVEP (PDF) (2021)

PARC Reports and MOUs
Colleges Health & Human Services Liberal Arts Natural Sciences & Mathematics CPIE & Special University Programs

Criminology, Criminal Justice and
Emergency Management (PDF)

Emergency Services (PDF) (2013)

FCS Graduate Degrees (DOC) (2008)

Gerontology (DOC) (2017)

Health Sciences, BS (PDF) (2018)

Health Care Administration, BS (PDF) (2021)

Health Care Administration, MS (PDF) (2021)

Hospitality Management (PDF) (2019)

Kinesiology (DOC) (2014)

Master of Public Administration (PDF) (2019)

Department of Public Policy and
Administration, MPA (PDF)

Nursing (DOC) (2013)

DPT (DOC) (2017)

Recreation and Leisure Studies (PDF) (2017)

School of Social Work (PDF) (2021)

Speech-Language Pathology, MA (PDF) (2021)

Speech-Language Pathology BA (PDF) (2013)

American Studies (PDF) (2021)

Anthropology (PDF) (2014)

Africana Studies (PDF) (2017/19)

Asian and Asian American Studies (DOC) (2014)

Chicano and Latino Studies (DOC) (2016)

Communication Studies (DOC) (2014)

Comparative World Literature & Classics (DOC) (2010)

Economics (DOC) (2016)

English (DOC) (2011)

Environmental Science & Policy (DOC) (2016)

Geography (DOC) (2016)

Global Logistics (DOC) (2006)

History (PDF) (2017)

Human Development (PDF) (2021)

International Studies (PDF) (2012)

Jewish Studies (DOC) (2013)

Linguistics (DOC) (2013)

Philosophy (PDF) (2019)

Political Science (DOC) (2014)

Psychology (DOC) (2015)

Religious Studies (PDF) (2018)

RGRLL (PDF) (2018)

Sociology (DOC) (2016)

Translation & Interpretation (DOC) (2006)

WGSS (DOC) (2017)

Biology (DOC) (2017)

Chemistry & Biochemistry (DOC) (2014)

Environmental Science & Policy (DOC) (2016)

Geological Sciences (PDF) (2021)

Math and Statistics (PDF) (2019)

Physics (DOC) (2010)

Science Education (DOC) (2017)

Bickerstaff Academic Center for Student Athlete Services (PDF) (2020)

CCPE (DOC) (2013)

Center for International Education (CIE) (PDF) (2015)

GWAR (DOC) (2013)

Honors (PDF) (2020) 

Interdisciplinary Studies Program (DOC) (2019)

Learning Assistance Center (PDF) (2013)

Library (DOC) (2014)

Professional Studies (DOC) (2008)

University 100 (DOC) (2019)

University Center for Undergraduate Advising (PDF) (2020)