Policy Statement - 90-00 Mission Statement for CSU, Long Beach


California State University, Long Beach is a large urban comprehensive university in the California State University system. Its mission is high-quality education leading toward a broad range of baccalaureate and master's degrees spanning the liberal arts and sciences and many applied and professional fields, with emphasis on instruction at the upper-division (junior and senior) and graduate levels, in accordance with the California Master Plan for Higher Education. 

CSULB is committed to serving the people of California. To assure access and equity consistent with educational priorities, the University endeavors to serve students who can only attend in the evening as well as those who can attend during traditional day time hours, those who must attend part-time as well as those who attend full-time, and those from population groups whose rates of enrollment historically have been lower than average as well as those from groups that have had historically higher rates of education. The University serves students who have graduated in the top third of the State's high school graduating class, students who have completed a community college program, and adults reentering education. 

The University's educational mission is to promote intellectual and personal development and to prepare students for lifelong learning as well as preparing them to succeed in a variety of professional endeavors and to function as informed, contributing members of the community. To these ends, the mission of the undergraduate curriculum is grounded in a strong general education program, emphasizing the acquisition of writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills and knowledge of cultural and artistic traditions, the analysis of human behavior and society in the past and present, and scientific modes of inquiry. The mission of all degree programs is to provide each student with the skills necessary to pursue knowledge and to integrate information from various sources, and also to provide depth in at least one area of specialization. The mission of the graduate programs is to prepare students to enter careers requiring training beyond the baccalaureate, to advance in their jobs, or to pursue advanced study. Doctoral programs are intended to provide both advanced knowledge and the skills needed to pursue independent research. Educational support programs and services for students emphasize the importance of personal, interpersonal, and societal development. 

A fundamental goal of all of the University's programs is to prepare students to function effectively in a culturally diverse society, by developing an understanding of our diverse heritage, including the essential contributions of women and ethnic minorities. Instruction emphasizes the ethical and social dimensions of all disciplines, as well as their applications to contemporary world issues. Building upon the culturally diverse region it serves and the international character of its faculty, the University emphasizes international education in its curriculum. 

The University seeks to involve students in learning by offering most of the curriculum in small sections taught by fully qualified, professionally active faculty members, and by providing opportunities for undergraduate as well as graduate students to work with faculty members in independent study and research. CSULB serves the surrounding community through applied research, training and community service programs, and consulting for government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private industry. 

Effective: Immediately