Policy Statement - 85-12 Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) & in Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Based Program (PRTB), Proposed Guidelines & Policies for Participants in


The policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate in its meeting of May 9, 1985, approved by the President on May 22, 1985.

Contractual Basis for Early and Pre-retirement Program

        The contractual agreements concerning the rights and responsibilities of faculty members who are participants in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) and Pre-retirement Reduction in Time Base Program (PRTB) are detailed in Article 29 and 30 of the Memorandum of Understanding .  The rules and regulations governing these programs are provided in documents available from the Office of Academic Personnel.

        It is the obligation of each prospective FERP/PRTB participant to become completely familiar with these documents prior to deciding to accept either of the available program.

Notice of Intent

        An eligible faculty member who elects to participate in one of these early retirement programs must file a written Notice of Intent with the President or the Vice President for Faculty and Staff Relations at least six months prior to the beginning of the fall semester, with copies of the notice forwarded to the appropriate Department Chair and School Dean.  The University President or designee has the right to determine the semester or semesters of employment after consultation with the candidate and the Chair of the Department and the Dean of the School involved.

        To facilitate advanced planning for course assignments during the period of employment, the prospective retiree is encouraged to provide the Department Chair or equivalent with a Notice of Intent at least one academic year prior to participation in the FERP or PRTB program along with a request for the preferred semester(s) of employment.  The Notice of Intent must specify the date when retirement will begin.

Planning for the Semester of Employment

        Once the Department Chair has been informed of the intention of a faculty member to participate in he FERP or PRTB program, the Department Chair, in consultation with the candidate, shall determine possible assignments during the semester(s) of employment.  The candidate may file with the Department Chair a list of all the courses offered in the order of preference, along with preferred days and times.  Because of curricular demands, the need for continuity of course offerings, and related staffing demands, the assignment of the candidate's preferred choice of courses, days, and teaching hours may not always be possible.  However, the participant has the right to a reasonable work assignment during the semester(s) of employment.

Responsibilities and Duties of Participants

        During the semester or semesters of employment an early retired and pre-retired faculty member is required to perform duties, responsibilities, and activities normally expected of full-time faculty members.  This provision will be applied on a pro-rata basis when the participant has a reduction in time base.

        Participants may apply for assigned time at the department, school, and/or University levels in accordance with eligibility requirements.  Even when eligible, priority may be given to non-retired, full-time faculty members because of limited resources.

        Participants are eligible and are encouraged to serve on department, school, and University committees whose work assignments are normally completed during the semester of employment.  Participants who serve for one semester only are not eligible to serve on certain department, school, and University councils and committees, including the Academic Senate; appointment of Human Subjects Committee; Animal Protection Committees, Professional Leave Committees; periodic evaluation for probationary faculty; Post-Tenure reviews; and student grade appeal committees, or serve as the Chair or Director of student graduate thesis committees.

Assignment of Office Space

        Participants are entitled to assigned office space during the semester of employment and during the semester of non-service.  However, since office space is very limited, participants must be willing to be relocated to two-person and multi-person offices.  It shall be the responsibility of the Department Chair, in consolation with the participant, to agree on appropriate office space.  It shall be the responsibility of the participant, when given a new office location, to make arrangements through the Department Office for University Plant Operations to move personal property, materials, books, equipment, et cetera, to the newly assigned office space.

Privileges Extend to Participants

        Privileges extended to participants in the FERP/PRTB programs shall include voting rights during the semester(s) of employment in all department, school, and University elections; guest parking during the non-service semester and summer sessions; use of the campus dining and recreational facilities; discounts for certain commercial attractions; and library privileges.  During the non-employment period, first-class mail will be forwarded to the home address. 

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1985