Policy Statement - 79-27 Summer Sessions Scheduling


The following policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of November 8, 1979, and approved by the President on November 21, 1979, is as follows:

1. All daytime classes (except laboratory and activity sections) shall be scheduled no fewer than four days a week.

2. No evening class may be scheduled for less than two days a week.

3. The scheduling of classes in the summer sessions shall be such as to insure that classes meet for the same number of hours, include the same content, and require the same level of student accomplishment, as in the same courses in the academic year.

4. Classes shall not be scheduled for excessively long hours on any one day. A class is excessively long if the length of the class and the nature of the subject matter are such that students cannot benefit from the full use of the time.

5. Exceptions may be made for programs of instruction that involve innovation methodology which requires a deviation from the established policy. These innovations shall require the approval of the Department Chairman, School Dean, and Dean of Extended Education.

6. The library shall make every effort to schedule its hours so as to cover the hours of class instruction.

Effective: Immediately.