Policy Statement - 78-19 Strike Policy for Student Teachers

NUMBER: PS 78-19
FILE: Student Teachers

SUBJECT: Strike Policy for Student Teachers

The following policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of February 9, 1978, and approved by the President on February 28, 1978, is as follows:

In the event of a strike of certificated employees in a school district where a student is doing directed field experience, California State University, Long Beach, endorses a policy of noninvolvement, whereby, the student shall not appear at the training site(s) involved but shall report to the appropriate University Coordinator, for direction and possible reassignment. Reassignment will be considered if the strike is longer than five (S) consecutive school days (teaching days). Reimbursement, where it is appropriate, will be paid on a percentage basis to the districts involved, if reassignment is necessary.

If any student decides to participate, either by aiding strikers or assisting the operation of the schools, he/she will not be considered as a representative of California State University, Long Beach, and during the period of involvement will not be considered as an authorized directed field experience student.

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