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Policy Statement - 78-05 Foreign Students Visas (International Programs Committee)

NUMBER: 78-05 
FILE: Foreign Students

SUBJECT: Foreign Student Visas (International Programs Committee)

The following policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of May 26, 1977, and approved by the President on June 13, 1977, is as follows:


1. Nonimmigrant students who apply for admission 
to California State University., Long Beach, will be informed that. the University policy emphasizes the importance of the Certificate of Eligibility (Form DSP-66, (J-Visa)), but they will be offered the opportunity to elect the Certificate for Student Visa (Form I-20, (F-Visa)).

2. An explanation of the requirements and characteristics of each visa will be sent to these prospective students. 

Effective: Immediately 
DEG: bjp