Policy Statement - 77-13 Independent Studies Abroad, Policies & Procedures Regarding

NUMBER: 77-13
FILE: Independent Study

SUBJECT: Policies And Procedures Regarding Independent Studies Abroad

The following policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of March 10, 1977, and approved by the President on March 17, 1977, is as follows:


  1. Course and Unit Requirements
    1. Independent studies abroad may be offered under the "Independent Studies" rubric of each department.
    2. One unit of credit may be earned for each five day full-time academic work abroad (excluding whatever time is spent on leisure abroad, and on predeparture and/or post-return activities).
    3. No credit shall be given for commercial tours alone-or for travel exclusively.
  2. Student-Faculty Academic Agreement (To be signed before departure) (A standardized form is available and shall be used for this purpose.)
    1. Student and faculty member shall agree on the number of units to be earned, and what work is necessary to earn those units.
    2. The agreement shall also include:
      1. a statement of the proposed study; 
      2. a statement indicating suitable preparation for the study (e.g., previous course(s) and/or long-term interest); 
      3. an itinerary, showing approximate duration at places to be visited and the subject(s) each location is expected to elucidate appropo the proposed study; 
      4. a plan for record keeping (e.g., a journal, audio-and/or visual-recordings, collections of books, artifacts, interviews); and 
      5. a bibliography, if appropriate. 3. The student shall acknowledge, as part of the agreement, that the faculty and university are responsible for only the on-campus academic supervision and appropriate academic credit to be earned in connection with the independent study abroad.
  3. Student Responsibilities
    1. After signing the academic agreement, the student shall enroll for the number of units agreed upon in the appropriate departmental course during the term of the individual study abroad or the term immediately following.
    2. All technical, travel, and financial arrangements shall be the sole responsibility of the student. The faculty and university assume none of such responsibility, except where administrative ruling states otherwise.
    3. Student shall acknowledge in the agreement responsibility for:
      1. use of approved airline(s) to/from and during the study abroad (cf., Chancellor's Executive Order No. 82); 
      2. proper conduct (cf., Title 5, California Administrative Code, Sections 41301 and 41302); 
      3. adequate health/accident insurance, effective worldwide; 
      4. use of a valid passport (and visa(s) where applicable), and an International Vaccination Certificate with inoculations as required; and 
      5. having sufficient funds for all travel and incidental expenses.
  4. Faculty Responsibilities
    1. Faculty shall be a member of the academic department or division to which the course offered pertains.
    2. Faculty should be available for advisement in the preparation of the academic proposal, itinerary, and travel experiences likely to be encountered.
    3. Faculty shall evaluate the student's learning experience before the end of the term following. the individual student's study abroad.
    4. Faculty shall have no formal or informal arrangements with student or with any commercial or non-profit entity which is in any way connected with the proposed individual study abroad, in the nature of payment (in money or in goods or services) or other pecuniary gain, other than the faculty's remuneration by the institution. 

Effective: Immediately 
DEG:bjp 3/24/77