Policy Statement - 74-12 International Programs Committee, Recommendations of the

NUMBER: 74-12
REFERENCE: International Programs

SUBJECT: Recommendations of the International Programs Committee

(1) Support for the concept of the program to be administered by Rheinland-Pfalz Land in Germany, STEP, Inc., and Georgetown University, making higher education enrollment in American universities available to German students;

(2) Approval of action already taken by Dr. Wilm Pelters and Dr. Alan Johnson to involve CSULB in the pilot program to be inaugurated in Fall, 1975;

(3) Acceptance of the policy statement submitted by the Foreign Admissions sub- committee (of International Programs) regarding foreign student visa options, presented by Dr. George LaDue. The Policy Statement reads as follows:

Within the framework of Trustee approved policy guidelines for Foreign Student Programs, the University wishes to attract high quality students from abroad and provide for them an educational program serving both their competencies and interests and the needs of the countries from which they come. In issuing Certificates of Eligibility for securing views from abroad or for approval of transfer from another U. S. academic institution, the University follows U. S. Government policies, with special attention to other countries' needs, as follows:

(a) To students from the less developed countries, those which have indicated to the U.S. State Department that they have critical shortages of manpower in certain disciplines as indicated by enumerations in the Country Skills List, only the Certificate of Eligibility for the Exchange Visitor-Student (J-I) visa (Form DSP-66) will be issued.

(b) Students receiving financial aid from any government source will be issued Form DSP-66.

(c) Other non-immigrant students will be routinely issued the same kind of Certificate of Eligibility (Form DSP-66), but they will be offered as an elective option the Certificate for Student Visa- (F-I) status, Form I-20, together with an explanation of the requirements and characteristics of each. 

Effective Immediately
DEG: sn
July I, 1974